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Valerie Torelli
Founder and Owner of Torelli Realty, Costa Mesa, CA

“Years ago I came across a Real Data Strategies custom agent report. It was professional with graphs, and included background on what they do to cleanse the data for accuracy.  I do not go into a listing appointment without it.  It is so powerful and undisputable – no one can jimmy information to look better.  I love being able to show buyers and sellers third party statistics that show my success and strengths, and the data gives me even more information I can use when I plan marketing strategies.

The analytical and statistical data that is available to me is the best source for past & current activity and trends.  It aids me to prepare my clients and objectively advise them on what is usually their largest asset.  I get 90% of the listings I go after and the wonderful custom report has been such a powerful tool, which like I said, no one can dispute.

Pat Veling treats everyone so ethically and he is available for my calls.  The information and its many uses is like being connected to the J.D. Power of real estate… an invaluable service and product.”


Bob McCulloch
Vice President & Los Angeles County Manager, Orange Coast Title

“Coaching customers is a routine part of what we do.  We are valued experts in the eyes of the real estate agents we serve, showing them how to take properly priced listings, necessary price reductions, and how to communicate with buyers on the value of purchasing now. 

An integral piece to our confidence stems from knowing that the data and trend graphs we receive from Real Data Strategies are highly accurate. They have a thorough cleansing process they apply to the data. 

We are able to provide our customers with extensive information on the length of the listings, average price, number of sales & more. With graphs and overlays, we turn this into a visual that they can effortlessly take to and use with their customers.

It is rewarding to monitor the level of service we provide, as it becomes actionable results for our customers.  Most rewarding, to Orange Coast Title, has included price reductions wherein properties have sold with multiple offers in this market. We are also a relevant player in our customer’s business.  Our customers receive objective third party representation of the market and are able to take this information to their customers as the market expert.

The value of Pat Veling’s company and team, and what sets them apart, is the knowledge they have at the street level and the expertise they bring to the table when working with us on the story the data tells.  They are the ones to hire because a good consultation around data is how you gain the level of understanding and practical application.  Do you want information juxtaposed by zip code or do you want full communication on the story the data tells? Without the consult, it is simply data or graphs by the pound. “


Rod Messick
CFO, Prudential Home Sale (Lancaster, PA)

“Data Doorway is a dynamic tool we have provided our management team.  This tool identifies the current reality!  For recruiting, our managers can identify the players.  A sales professional may not be as big a hitter as perceived and vice versa with those not on the radar yet who are skyrocketing and have a nice book of business.  It lets us ascertain the truth.
It is also an accountability tool.  We can monitor who is using the report information, and while our manager’s recruiting results are of most importance regardless of how they are achieved, we do have a dynamic and unique tool in place to measure usage and performance.
Pat Veling and his team at Real Data Strategies are the most knowledgeable in the industry.  They know what MLS data is and what it is not, and how to best utilize the data to drive company decisions.  The custom reports have been very useful and the migration reports are the most interesting as we look at merger opportunities and an office’s capacity, gain or loss.  It gives us a clear grasp when making assessments and we are very confident in the conclusions by our consulting team at RDS.
We made the decision to affiliate with Prudential based on a real sense of their desire to partner with us for growth, and having aligned goals.  We found their value proposition to be superior.  In that proposition we were introduced to Pat and his team, and we intend to profit from their knowledge and consulting services!”


Jim Salazar
President, Vaughan Company REALTORS, Albuquerque, NM

“We have just completed our 5-week training program with Bob Thomas. The feedback from the managers has been very positive. Even those very familiar with Data Doorway learned some new features that will be very helpful to them, and of course, the training for two of our managers who are fairly new was invaluable. Bob's discussion on "Value of Affiliation" versus "Cost of Affiliation" was a great perspective for our managers.

Pat, your product and ongoing service continue to excel. I appreciate you, Bob and the Data Doorway Organization very much.. Thank you.”


Richard A. Ramhoff
President & Publisher, The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA

“Real Data Strategies is a great resource for The Desert Sun. They support our need for business intelligence by helping our advertising staff better understand the important real estate channel and its players. Our audience also is highly interested in the local real estate market. Our reporters and editors find RDS a rich source for data and analysis to support our in-depth local coverage of this important topic.”


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